In my early work, I explored the contradictory and raw emotions that can co-exist in the relationships between mothers and their children. Images of my daughter were used as a metaphor to represent past and present emotional realities. This was explored by incorporating a diverse range of media, including collage, paint, screen-print, etching, text and computer manipulation. My later work is based both on long-term as well as more recent memories, transforming an event or an image to a visual essence beyond the past. I enjoy creating a suggestion of an idea through the use of the layered abstract giving the viewer the freedom to interpret for themselves. The viewer’s interpretation is at least as important as my own emotional connection with one of my paintings. The abstract, an elemental aesthetic of my work, often features as a contrast between the ‘flatness’ of the paint and the three dimensional effect of using wax and paint together, creating a sense of movement. The eye draws across the rhythmic evidence within the surface of the paintings. The works are ethereal palimpsests of memories, dreams and the subconscious.